Colt Time

The Colt Time Program aligns three strategic community values (Optimal Time for Learning, Individualized Learning, and Social Emotional Development) with a 44-minute flexible and responsive class period.

Colt Time allows teachers on each middle school team to develop enrichment and support during the school day based on their knowledge of the talents and needs of individual students.

Teachers will structure Colt Time to address the following objectives: academic enrichment and support, social-emotional development, and a time to take care of other miscellaneous details in student and school activities. Additional benefits include:

  • Additional instructional minutes for the performing arts (44 minutes instead of the current 30 minutes)

  • The availability of some resource classes for students who receive special services to be scheduled during the 44-minute Colt Time period. This allows more students to take exploratory and/or world language classes who might not have been able to do so under the previous schedule.