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Families communication from Giving Day in cooperation with District Office on Nov. 9
By appointment, 8:00-3:00 in 15 minute increments.
Volunteers help with parking.
Check in in A wing
Child Care Check in and CC in AB from Boys/Girls Club
1 family shopper starting LMC.
We should have 1 SRO.
The Barrington High School Fine Arts Department proudly presents the 4th Annual Winter Wonderfest! Winter Wonderfest runs December 8-9, and it will be an open house with activities happening primarily inside the new front atrium addition at BHS. The event will include DJs, carnival games, holiday crafts, hot chocolate for purchase, and more! 

Pursuant to School Board Policy 2:150, the Board of Education may establish committees to assist with the Board's governance function and, in some situations, to comply with state law requirements. Each committee reports directly to the Board of Education. Committee members may include both Board Members and non-Board Members depending on the committee's purpose. Committee appointments are made at the organization meeting of the Board that is held following the consolidated election in April of odd numbered years. Committee meetings are typically held once per month. The purpose of the Policy Committee is to review existing policies, recommend changes where necessary, and propose new policies for consideration by the Board.

220 Initiatives

2023-2024 Theme 

The theme in Barrington 220 for the 2023-24 school year is a celebration of our 50th anniversary!

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"With our rich, nearly 60 year school history, Station Campus continues to inspire all students to maximize their full potential as learners and citizens. Our thoughtful staff considers the whole child and works to create an environment that is challenging and supportive, while providing students with ongoing feedback. We pride ourselves in establishing a welcoming environment for all families and maintaining open lines of communication. Station is a diverse family and we find strength in knowing that we are navigating a new landscape not alone, but rather, together as one."

Chad MayPrincipalStation Middle School

Innovation 220

The Barrington 220 School District is a nationally recognized school district known for its rich history, sense of community and innovative curriculum.

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    Station Campus

    Photo of Mark Toerpe

    What do I love about Station? Well, I could go on and on about the staff, the awesome friendships I've made, the sports and clubs that keep life at Station exciting, or the learning culture that we cultivate here. But really, it's the amazing students that make me love my job the most. There's no place like it!


    .Mark ToerpeTeacher

    Photo of Emile Saulnier

    Station makes me feel like I belong. There is so much to do and so many people to meet. When you walk into class the teachers make you feel amazing, just like I do every day. Emile Saulnier

    Photo of Jen Peterson

    Being a part of the Station community is an honor and a privilege that I am thankful for every single day.Jen PetersonSpecial Education Teacher

    Photo of Zar Roman

    Station makes me feel like seven octillion atoms making up a life form of Homo sapien, NOT a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the middle school universe!Zar RomanStudent

    Photo of Slison Schultz

    I love that teachers and students work together to create a caring community for EVERYONE at Station!Allison SchultzMultilingual Specialist

    Photo of Jim Schmidt

    I love teaching and coaching at Station because every day is an opportunity to inspire creativity and help develop confidence in every student I encounter. I love that I get to teach Science content and many life lessons like empathy to create well rounded and passionate students through engaging daily lessons and stories.

    .Jim SchmidtTeacher